A Message to our community


Box Office

Glass windows separate box office employees from patrons.


Tickets will be sold and distributed through electronic mail. Tickets can be purchased in person or over the phone. Patrons can go online and register to receive a ticket as assigned by the box office staff according to physical distancing guidelines.

Seats will be assigned based on the size of individual household groups, and spacing will adhere to physical distancing guidelines

Lobbies and Galleries

Galleries and lobbies are open to the public. Physical distancing is promoted and maintained wherever feasible. When physical distancing is not feasible, face coverings are to be worn.

Congregating in the lobbies of galleries is not permitted. Lobby furniture, handrails, water fountains, elevators, bathrooms etc are sanitized at least twice daily and in between all performances.

Staff are dedicated to sanitizing high-touch areas.


Patrons are required to wear masks or face coverings.

All ushers and Covey Center personnel will be masked. Electronic tickets will be displayed to ushers stationed at theater doors for verification, patrons will then be directed to their seats. Maximum seating will be determined by total individual household group sizes and physical distancing. Three seats will be left open between each individual household group. Seats will be sanitized between performances.

Patrons are encouraged to bring their own bottles of water Signage will be displayed to clarify traffic patterns and encourage physical distancing.

The theater will be opened early to elderly and at risk patrons 45 minutes before performance start time. Theater will be opened to public 30 minutes before performance start time.


Due to construction, the Covey Center for the Arts parking lot is not currently available for patrons. Parking is available along center street and in lots after hours. Please plan your arrival to allow time to park and get to the theater before the ballet begins.

There is a designated drop off area in front of the Covey Center theater doors

VIP parking across from the theater is available for Season Subscription Members.



493 N 1030 W Lindon, UT 84042